jewelcake123's Photo Album

This is my dog Zoey. Not only is this my dog, It's my dog...IN AVATAR FORM!!!  
LOL. Just a funny picture of eggs.  
Starry Night by Van Goh.  
A REALLY hot picture of Johnny Depp in the early 90's.  
This is a pretty pencil drawing of a rose.  
5 super cute corgie puppies sitting on a bench!  
This has to be my favorite picture in my whole album. It's Alice in Rainbowland. This is like a really dark version of Alice in wonderland. If you can see, there's blood on Alice's dress, a toadstool has teeth and eyes, and there's a knife in another toadstool. This is the cover picture for the Alice in Wonderland video game (which I have). I have a poster of this picture in my room. P.S. The video game isn't Alice in Rainbowland, somebody just added the rainbow colors.  
An awesome picture of a dark and mysterious dragon...RAWR!!! Did I scare you? Dang it.  
This is probably the cutest puppy that I've ever seen! I love the unique pattern on the fur and the different colored eyes! Besides those, this puppy looks just like my dog when she was a puppy.  
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