CaliforniaKingBed_'s Photo Album

One day when the sky is falling, ill be standing, right next to you<3  
Get more bottles, bring em to me, hold your glasses up, people everywhere, now everybody put your hands in the air (:  
I dont see how you can hate from outside the cant even get in! HAHAHA, lego.  
man, fuck these bitch ass niggas :D  
my mommas nice and my daddys dead :P  
I dont wanna be nag-naggin, i dont wanna be drag-draggin you down, i dont wanna be, pull-pushin, look what im doin now, im that girl, im that jelous girl, J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Boy dont know how you got me actin like this :O  
When ever im with you , you make me feel special, and all my problems they go right out the door (:<3  
Cupid shuffle xD  
Baby know fosho that ill never let you go <33  
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