Hanayu_Ichago's Photo Album

I messed up a little on this, LOL. Hana doesn't really have boobs like that (well, not until Shippuden, at least XD) but I effed up. I'll fix it later.  
Even though the original picture is Ino when she was a child, this is Hanayu when she was ten or eleven. When she was a child, she had boy cut style hair. Yeah, she has short hair. XD  
This picture is incorrect. How? Hana is smiling. Hana never smiles. Well, she never smiled when she was younger.  
She looks angry. Like she saw Sasuke. If she saw Sasuke after he left Konoha (and Ayumi, the one person she's ever concerned about), she'd really kill him then. She usually just threatens to kill him, but after he left, she turned into a walking sack of hate for Sasuke.  
Hana during the Chunnin Exams. She was turning to face Asuma when he said that he thought that Shikamaru might lose to Temari.  
Hanayu by Yoku-chan! ^^  
Hana fighting through a field of senbon needles. She got cut once.  
I like this one a lot. I finally got the black nails down! Her nails are black on her hands and on her feet.  
This is Hana again! =D She's pretty in this picture! Thanks, Yoku-chan! ^^  
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