Hello! This is a funny would u rather!!LOOK!

by: SokrluvaMk10

its a would u rather my version

  1. 1

    ok,ok, would u rather eat dreid up horse crap or have sex with ur mom?

  2. 2

    would u rather b a crap smellin hobo or kill ur aunts,uncles,moms,brother with a pitchfork?

  3. 3

    would u rather stick ur head up a elephants butt or get raped by a dog?

  4. 4

    would u rather fite 1million zombies or have butt sex with ur bestfrends dad?

  5. 5

    would u rather get hit by a truck or eat 500 pounds of peanutbutter?

  6. 6

    well thats it, should i make another1??

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