I need your help on an issue concerning Quibblo.

by: NC_MusicFreak

I recently created a quiz that I called "Key Signature Quiz" that I deleted after it being on here for several hours and nobody took it. And I've noticed that Quibblo doesn't give you the option to add a picture to a question, and I'm wondering if I had a visual aid to go with each question, would more people have taken the quiz? What do you think? A sample question would be like this: 3 sharps? a) D major b) A major c) E major. Please answer the questions below. Thanks for your input.

  1. 1

    Should Quibblo members be able to add a picture as a visual guide to individual questions for a quiz or a survey, or even on story pages, as long as the picture is big enough to see, but not too big?

  2. 2

    Now, do you think I should try to create the key signature quiz again, even though each question will not have a picture as a visual aid?

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