Pick a type of animal.

by: ScHiZo666

There will be six answers to each question. I will label each question as a category (for example, "Wolf", "Fox", "Canine", etc.), then I will put different types of animals that fit into that category. If you have never heard of one of the animals I list, then feel free to look it up. I hope you enjoy this survey. ;0;

  1. 1

    Pick a fox.

  2. 2

    Pick a wolf.

  3. 3

    Pick a rodent. (I explained the difference between those three because people often times mix them up, and it drives me crazy.)

  4. 4

    Pick a dog. (There are so many different breeds, so I grouped a lot of them together by breed and fur pattern.)

  5. 5

    Pick a cat. (Same for cats, there's a lot of them, so I grouped them up based on fur patterns.)

  6. 6

    Pick a large feline.

  7. 7

    Pick a canine.

  8. 8

    Pick a snake type. (with description)

  9. 9

    Pick a snake. (there is one snake per group mentioned above)

  10. 10

    Pick your favourite species.

  11. 11

    Pick an exotic animal. (these choices are commonly kept as pets in some places)

  12. 12

    What do you think about this quiz?

  13. 13

    Do you think I could have mentioned more animals?

  14. 14

    Will you comment on this quiz and give me feedback?

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