Villain Tournament - Round 3

Villain Tournament - Round 3

by: Ithilwen

Welcome to Round 3 of the villain tournament!

It's hard to imagine we've already narrowed these villainous characters down to 8. Who will continue to make it through, and who will get left behind?

In this round, I'll be giving some fun little tidbits of info about each character, just to add a little something-something to this tournament. Hope you enjoy!

Round closes 12/15

  1. 1

    Scar was formerly known as Prince Taka, which means "garbage" in Swahili. Voldemort cannot understand love because he was conceived under the influence of a love potion.

  2. 2

    A Grotesque of Darth Vader is sculpted into the side of the Washington National Cathedral. The White Witch originally tried to conquer Earth, but found that her powers don't work here.

  3. 3

    In the original comics, The Joker fell into a vat of chemicals, giving him his iconic appearance. EW named Davy Jones as the 2nd most convincing CGI character, behind the 2005 King Kong.

  4. 4

    Darth Maul broke the Sith "Rule of Two" by being an apprentice to an apprentice. At one point, Odin imprisoned Loki in a tree because he had grown weary of his mischief.

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