Superhero Tournament - Round 2

Superhero Tournament - Round 2

by: Ithilwen

And now on to Round 2!

There were some pretty difficult pairings at the start of this tournament, so I can only imagine what the reaction will be to the following rounds. Will an all-out war break out between fandoms? Or will there be an all-around favorite in the Quibblo community? Only time (and voting!) will tell.

Round closes 12/11

  1. 1

    Hawkeye vs. Catwoman

  2. 2

    Batman vs. The Green Lantern

  3. 3

    Thor vs. Storm

  4. 4

    The Flash vs. Captain America

  5. 5

    Iron Man vs. Aquaman

  6. 6

    The Incredibles vs. The Fantastic 4

  7. 7

    Spiderman vs. Superman

  8. 8

    Wolverine vs. The Hulk

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