Disney Film Tournament - Round 7 (THE FINALS!)

Disney Film Tournament - Round 7 (THE FINALS!)

by: Ithilwen

Welcome to the Final Round of the Disney Film Tournament!


I know, I know... but all good things must come to an end. And for one lucky film, that ending will be full of happily ever afters. Will it be The Lion King, a clear fan-favorite from the beginning? Or will it be Toy Story, an underdog who hasn't yet given up? You, my dear Quibblo friends, must decide! Comment with your pick, and I'll see you next week with the victory announcement!

Round closes 11/23

  1. 1

    Here's the question we've all been waiting for! For the win... The Lion King or Toy Story?

  2. 2

    Mark your calendars... Dec 1st will be the start of a new tournament. Which of these tourney possibilities would you be interested in seeing?

    Please select all that apply.

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