Long distant relationships

by: elizabril13

I have a friend and I've only seen him once in person. We don't skype or facetime, but we text and call all the time. He lives in 2 cities away from me (Robertsdale AL- Fairhope AL) as I said we've only seen each other once. He likes me but I can't do a long distance relationship. We have been friends for a year. He does football and I do band. He's only a year older. So he's in 9th grade and I'm in 8th we plan next year to hang out after our games against each other. ANY HELP?

  1. 1

    Is this bad? Should I date him?

  2. 2

    Is this considered a long distance relationship?

  3. 3

    One of my other friends, I think, likes me (AGAIN I SAID I THINK) and I see him every day. who is better?

  4. 4

    I feel like I them both.... Is that bad?

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