Disney Film Tournament - Round 5

Disney Film Tournament - Round 5

by: Ithilwen

Hey guys!

Okay, we're officially in Quarter Finals Territory, and you know what that means right? Hissy fits, nail biters, crossed fingers (and toes), and sudden urges to have Disney marathons. So hold on to your stuffed animals and grab some of that leftover Halloween candy, because it's about to get intense up in here.

Now's the time to start declaring your #1 pick! Comment with why you love this film so much, and why others should start voting for it too.

Round closes 11/8

  1. 1

    First up are two films who were lucky to make it into this competition: one being a live-action classic, and the other being a Pixar legend. Which will you vote for?

  2. 2

    So far in this competition, The Lion King has led a pretty strong run... But so has Tangled. Will it be difficult to choose between them? Or will a clear favorite emerge from this showdown?

  3. 3

    Neither of these titular characters are considered "real princesses," but that hasn't stopped fans from considering them to be the greatest of the Disney females. But who'll move on to the next round?

  4. 4

    And we're already at the last pairing! There's only one more spot left in the Semi-Finals... which do you hope to see there?

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