Agree or Disagree? (Stereotypes)

Agree or Disagree? (Stereotypes)

by: WolfPoem

So, I'd just like to state that I do not agree with all of the statements below...
And I'm terribly sorry if this quiz is offensive to anyone.

  1. 1

    "Emo stands for 'Emotive Hardcore' and was not originally a stereotype/label."

  2. 2

    "All Satanists are evil simply because of their religion."

  3. 3

    "Only overly emotional teenage girls can become anorexic/bulimic."

  4. 4

    "All people who are dedicated to their religion try to force their beliefs on other people."

  5. 5

    "All women are physically weaker than men simply because of their gender."

  6. 6

    "Everyone who wears make-up are insecure about themselves."

  7. 7

    "All homosexual males must be sassy and entertaining simply because of their s*xual orientation."

  8. 8

    "Everyone who are diagnosed with a mental illness are dangerous simply because of that diagnosis."

  9. 9

    "All men are constantly thinking about s*x simply because of their genitals."

  10. 10

    "Prostitutes are worth less simply because of their occupation."

  11. 11

    "Women mature faster than men simply because of their gender."

  12. 12

    "Everyone who loses their virginity at a young age are easy simply because of their age."

  13. 13

    "Everyone who brakes the law are terrible people."

  14. 14

    "All popular people are mean simply because of their status."

  15. 15

    "All loners are either insane or creepy simply because of their social status."

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