Crush or love?

by: Lina3876

Hello everyone! I'm just doing a poll of some like signs of people liking or loving someone. My friends all have different opinions of crushes and love and stuff so I want to know other people's opinions on this. Thanks!

  1. 1

    When they say something mean to you you are mad at them but can't stay like that for more than 30 minutes then you start crying.

  2. 2

    Your stomach starts getting very heavy butterflies when you see them or you make brief eye contact.

  3. 3

    When they talk to you you feel so light like everything has been lifted off your shoulders.

  4. 4

    You do really stupid things relating to them like if you want to keep secret your love or crush you do really stupid stuff that will most probably get you discovered.

  5. 5

    Every night you have dreams of them like talking to them or things they were doing that day.

  6. 6

    All you ever think about is them. If they always wear a yellow UCLA hoodie(my crush)the color yellow always reminds you of it and everything does too.

  7. 7

    It hurts so much what you're feeling for them. It's like a mixture of lightness, pain, excitement, depression and confusion. Even if they don't like you you still feel a strong thing for them.

  8. 8

    You would literally do anything for them like die and sell you soul a hundred times. You have taken the blame of something they did before.

  9. 9

    When you saw them you were like whatever or they're just cute but when you hear their voice and talk to them you feel this special thing something you've never felt before.

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