Disney Film Tournament - Round 1

Disney Film Tournament - Round 1

by: Ithilwen


Get ready for over 60 pairings of your favorite Disney films! We've got animation and live-action, classics and recent releases, and yes, even Pixar. Hope all you Disney lovers are satisfied!

Note: Some films are part of a series or have a remake. I only listed one title, so it's up to you which version you prefer.

Comment with your favorites, and anything else you feel like saying (I love comments!) Have fun!

Round closes 10/07

  1. 1

    To start us off we have the first ever made Disney film versus another classic...

  2. 2

    Does the pack of spotted canines have your vote, or are the mighty ducks just too mighty?

  3. 3

    Which of these doggie hero films do you like better?

  4. 4

    Will you be going for one of the latest Disney Pixar films, Brave? Or will you go for classic Inspector Gadget?

  5. 5

    Whether you prefer the original or the 2011 version, will The Muppets be your pick over George of the Jungle?

  6. 6

    How about The Little Mermaid vs The Cheetah Girls?

  7. 7

    Only one of these two heartwarming tales of lost animals and their roadtrip to find their owners can continue to the next round. Which will it be?

  8. 8

    Speaking of roadtrips, will you be voting for College Road Trip, or for Mulan?

  9. 9

    Disney Channel movie Read it and Weep is up against The Game Plan. Choose one!

  10. 10

    What about Holes vs. Hatching Pete?

  11. 11

    And how will you vote between The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

  12. 12

    Max Keeble's Big Movie ...or... The Pacifier?

  13. 13

    Here we have two adventure/travel movies: Around the World in 80 Days, and Finding Nemo.

  14. 14

    Are you a fan of the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock? Or will you be voting for animated film Oliver & Company?

  15. 15

    Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean films are accepted in this pairing against Prince of Persia...

  16. 16

    Poor Dumbo wasn't liked much by his fellow circus animals, but perhaps he'll find favor over The Sword in the Stone?

  17. 17

    Which of these Christmas-themed films?

  18. 18

    Will you be voting for humorous Bedtime Stories, or for heartwarming Up?

  19. 19

    How about this showdown? It's Planes versus its inspiration Cars.

  20. 20

    Fans of the original Recess TV cartoon might be inclined to vote for the movie version, but maybe Sky High will get plenty of votes, too...

  21. 21

    Remember the hilarious Robin Williams film, Flubber? It's in this tournament up against Pixar classic A Bug's Life.

  22. 22

    Which of these Lindsay Lohan films do you like better: Life-Size or Herbie Fully Loaded?

  23. 23

    How about Secretariat vs. Eight Below? Which will you vote for?

  24. 24

    And of these films? Will you go for James and the Giant Peach, or Toy Story?

  25. 25

    Which kitty film is your favorite?

  26. 26

    The Great Mouse Detective versus The Rescuers...

  27. 27

    The Incredibles are pretty incredible, but how will they stand against The Country Bears?

  28. 28

    Are you a bigger fan of The Lizze McGuire Movie, or of The Parent Trap (either version)?

  29. 29

    Of course these two films had to be paired up... Which Robinson do you prefer?

  30. 30

    And which of these tickles your fancy? Atlantis or Terabithia?

  31. 31

    Here are some more Lindsay Lohan films (who knew she was so popular with Disney?) ...

  32. 32

    Oz the Great and Powerful came out this year, but does it have enough fans already to overtake any of The Chronicles of Narnia movies?

  33. 33

    You've crossed the half-way mark... keep it up by voting between Aladdin and Chicken Little!

  34. 34

    Aww, try not to get too emotional over this pairing... It's Bambi vs. WALL-E!

  35. 35

    What do you think about Brother Bear vs. Enchanted?

  36. 36

    Getting tired of Lindsay Lohan? Then vote for Cow Belles! Don't like Aly & AJ? Then vote for Freaky Friday!

  37. 37

    Next up is Glory Road versus National Treasure:

  38. 38

    This could be a toughie for some... Which holds the greater preference, Peter Pan or Lilo & Stitch?

  39. 39

    Hm... How will you vote here?

  40. 40

    It's The Black Cauldron! Versus... The Emperor's New Groove!

  41. 41

    Quick! Choose between Race to Witch Mountain or The Princess and the Frog!

  42. 42

    Next is Sleeping Beauty up against The Shaggy Dog:

  43. 43

    Now we have Treasure Planet versus Tangled...

  44. 44

    Again, we have another 2013 film, up against Beverly Hills Chihuahua...

  45. 45

    Whew, we're already at the 45th pairing! Let's keep going guys, here are two more films to choose between...

  46. 46

    Which of these strong men captures your attention? Hercules or John Carter?

  47. 47

    Do you like Minute Men or Alice in Wonderland (original or remake) better?

  48. 48

    How about your pick here? It's Angels in the Outfield vs. Robin Hood...

  49. 49

    Are you voting Cinderella in this pairing? Or perhaps Cadet Kelly?

  50. 50

    It's getting chilly in this pairing (wow, ok, even I admit that was cheesy). Anyway, just vote between Ice Princess and Snow Dogs:

  51. 51

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green or Pollyanna?

  52. 52

    Which of these animal couples do you like the best?

  53. 53

    Will it be Ratatouille or Pinocchio for you?

  54. 54

    I try not to sway your votes with this introduction questions... But come on. Would you really ever choose Hannah Montana over Mary Poppins?

  55. 55

    Which Princess movie?

  56. 56

    Old Dogs? Or Wreck-It Ralph?

  57. 57

    These 2 got their start on the Disney Channel (and both feature Corbin Bleu)... Will it be High School Musical or Jump In! for you?

  58. 58

    It's the Lion King up against Bolt!

  59. 59

    We're getting even closer to the end... Vote between The Sorcerer's Apprentice and A Goofy Movie before moving on...

  60. 60

    Tarzan vs. The Brave Little Toaster

  61. 61

    In this pairing it's G-Force versus TRON (either the original or the reboot):

  62. 62

    Almost done! How about Beauty & the Beast versus Fantasia (original or 2000)?

  63. 63

    In this one, try to base your vote on the films themselves rather than the Disneyland rides (because obviously the original Haunted Mansion trumps the Nightmare Before Christmas version...)

  64. 64

    And (FINALLY!) to close us out in this first round is Dinosaur versus Monsters Inc (and/or University):

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