The Sexiest Man Of 2012 Tournament (Round 6 - THE FINALS)

by: MySweetWonderwall

And here it is! Our very last round of the tournament, and two very important names in the celebrity world. Choose carefully and keep your fingers crossed that your man will win! I'd once again like to thank anyone who is participating in this tournament; not only those who have commented or rated the rounds, but those who just put their vote forwards! Voting will close and a winner will be revealed on Monday, February 4th, 2012!

  1. 1

    Tom Felton beat Channing Tatum by a slim 8%! The Harry Potter star will now face off against the one and only Ryan Gosling, who beat Justin Timberlake by a landslide! Which will win your vote?

  2. 2

    If prompted to, would you take another tournament similar to this one?

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