wedgie me please

by: foxy1

i lost a bet so now i have to stay i a slash wedgie
you get to chose how long i suffer
you don't have to be kind but it would be nice

  1. 1

    how meny day should i stay in the wedgie

  2. 2

    how meny tow touches should i do before i can go to the bathroom (it pulls on the wedgie and puts me in more pain)

  3. 3

    should i get any time out of the wedgie dering the day

  4. 4

    how meny tow touches should i do be after i went to the bathroom

  5. 5

    how much pain should the wedgie put me in

  6. 6

    when siting should i sit in a way that pulls the wedgie and makes it more painfull

  7. 7

    should i have to sleep in the wedgie

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