Kiss, date, ditch (guys and girls)

by: Carrie_

Kiss, date, ditch! Thought of it in a J-14 magazine....Lol

Oh and if you have no idea who they are, look them up!

To answer: If you are a guy, there will be a female celebrity and you simply answer Kiss, date or ditch. If you are a girl, there will be a male celebrity and you simply answer Kiss, date, or ditch. Easy enough? :)

  1. 1

    ~Guys: Taylor Swift ~Girls: Taylor Launter

  2. 2

    ~Guys: Megan Fox ~Girls: Justin Bieber

  3. 3

    ~Guys: Katy Perry ~Girls: Dylan Everett

  4. 4

    ~Guys: Carrie Underwood ~Girls: Tom Felton

  5. 5

    ~Guys: Kelsey Chow ~Girls: Billy Unger

  6. 6

    ~Guys: Lucy Hale ~Girls: Ian Harding

  7. 7

    ~Guys: Bridgit Mendler ~Girls: Munro Chambers

  8. 8

    ~Guys: Jessica Tyler ~Girls: Justin Kelly

  9. 9

    ~Guys: Emma Watson ~Girls: Logan Lerman!!

  10. 10

    ~Guys: Christina Aguilera ~Girls: Niall Horan

  11. 11

    ~Guys: Britney Spears ~Girls: Boo Boo Stewart

  12. 12

    ~Guys: Ashley Benson ~Girls: Liam Payne

  13. 13

    ~Guys: Selena Gomez ~Girls: Daniel Radcliffe

  14. 14

    ~Guys: Kristen Stewart ~Girls: Robert Pattinson

  15. 15

    ~Guys: Ariana Grande ~Girls: Shane Harper

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