would you rather!!!

by: XXxhugsfromhannahxXX

What's up my homies!

  1. 1

    would you rather get married and change your last name to supercalifragilisticexpealidoeses OR doodoo?

  2. 2

    would you rather slide down a rozor into a pool of alchohal OR eat a baby?

  3. 3

    would you rather not have not have toenails OR not have fingernails?

  4. 4

    would you rather see in black and white OR see in all different shades of yellow

  5. 5

    would you rather only hear things in dubstep OR hear in only barking noises

  6. 6

    would you rather hug a porcipine OR a cactus

  7. 7

    would you rather lick the lid of a trash can OR lick the roof of a subway bus

  8. 8

    coke OR pepsi

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