Fictional Character Tournament - Round 3

by: Ithilwen

Welcome to Round 3 of the Fictional Character Tournament!

Okay, wow, I'm really running out of cheesy things to say here. How about this: scroll down, vote, submit, comment, and come back in about five days for the next round. Okay? Okay, good. Also, I got bored entering in the contestants, so I apologize for any random nonsense that might pop up... :D

Round ends 6/24

  1. 1

    First up in the Sherwood Forest division we have 1 seed Legolas "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard" Greenleaf vs. 5 seed Alice "I can sometimes kind of see the possible future" Cullen:

  2. 2

    And then we have 3 seed Spongebob's BFF Patrick Star vs. the 7 seed Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland...

  3. 3

    Now in the Wonderland division, it's 1 seed Neville "Schlongbottom" vs. 4 seed Mr. Potato Head:

  4. 4

    And how about 3 seeder Commodore James Norrington vs. the mutant Nightcrawler (a 7 seed)?

  5. 5

    For this Middle Earth division match-up, we sure do have a surprise... It's lowly 9 seeder Inspector Lestrade up against a 5 seed Pepper Potts!

  6. 6

    And now it's 6 seed Lumiere vs. 7 seed Tin Man:

  7. 7

    Last on the list is the Bikini Bottom division, with 1 seed Genie (aka Robin Williams in cartoon form) vs. 4 seed Timone & Pumba:

  8. 8

    And to close things out is Agent Phil "Oh, so that's what it does" Coulson (3), vs. Mr. "I'm such a terrible faun" Tumnus (2):

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