The Fill-In-The-Blank Quiz AFTER The Final Fill-In-The-Blank Quiz!!!

by: SuperSpiderSorceress

Yeah, I know. I said the last one was the final one. Well, I've got good news: I LIED!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! (If you call that good news.) I just couldn't stand to let something so popular be discontinued. Anyway, this is probably not the final one, either. THE LEGACY SHALL NEVER END!!! Enjoy!

~SSS out~

  1. 1

    Fill in the blank: I __ the last Fill-In-The-Blank was going to be the final one.

  2. 2

    Fill in the blank: I am more afraid of __. (I wonder if I asked that already.)

  3. 3

    Fill in the blank: The best kind of chocolate is __.

  4. 4

    Fill in the blank: I have accounts on __ other sites. (This includes Facebook, other social networks, Youtube, and game sites.)

  5. 5

    Fill in the blank: I like __. (Probably the randomest question EVER!!!)

    Please select all that apply.

  6. 6

    Fill in the blank: I __ broken and/or sprained something before.

  7. 7

    Fill in the blank: I am in __.

  8. 8

    Fill in the blank: I speak __ language(s).

  9. 9

    Fill in the blank: I __ think that the world will/would end in 2012.

  10. 10

    Fill in the blank: I __ heard of the Element Fighters series before.

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