Chain letters?

by: bobbin_pl

Do you send them? What is your honest opinion of them? This refers to chain comments as well anything which asks you to re send of repost them.

  1. 1

    Do you make chain letters?

  2. 2

    Do you repost/resend chain letters or chain comments?

  3. 3

    If yes or sometimes, why do you do this?

  4. 4

    if you do not resend, why?

  5. 5

    If you resend some and not others, why is this?

  6. 6

    Do you receive chain mail through any of these forms? (check all that apply)

    Please select all that apply.

  7. 7

    How do you avoid chain mail? (check all which apply)

    Please select all that apply.

  8. 8

    Have you ever experienced bad luck or impending doom after receiving and not resending chain mail?

  9. 9

    If you have had bad luck, are you sure this is because of the chain mail?

  10. 10

    Why do you think people make chain mail?

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