Coke or Pepsi? The Online Verion!!!!!! (girls)

Coke or Pepsi? The Online Verion!!!!!! (girls)

by: Deadlydollies13

Coke or pespsi, black or white, & even dog or cat? The famous book, "Girl", has become techy!!!!!! So come one, come all! See what you have in common with girls all over the world! & don't worry boys, I'll make a boy version for you later, kk!!!!!!!

  1. 1

    okay, this is soo commercial, but, Coke or Pepsi?

  2. 2

    dog or cat?

  3. 3

    black or white?

  4. 4

    Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson?

  5. 5

    Avril Lavigne or Taylor Swift?

  6. 6

    chicken or turkey?

  7. 7

    Edward or Jacob?

  8. 8

    beach or camping?

  9. 9

    pool or ocean?

  10. 10

    river or lake?

  11. 11

    dress or skirt?

  12. 12

    heels or flats?

  13. 13

    tube or tank top?

  14. 14

    kk, final question, i promised the bois ill make a "boy" versoin for them, i need all of your help! will you please leave comments or questions i can make the survey with?

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