Best Foods Contest (Round 4)

by: dat_nerd

Now we reached a wild-card round. In the last round, you voted for a loser in each bracket to return as a 16 seed. The highest seed in each bracket gets a bye to the final 8 teams where the other survivor and the wild card play for the other spot!!!

  1. 1

    BRACKET 1: As Lasagna takes a bye, The almost indomitable Spaghetti battles the wild card, Pancakes...

  2. 2

    BRACKET 2: The number 7-seeded Cookies gets time off while two Mexican foods try to reach this bracket final...

  3. 3

    BRACKET 3: Apple Pie has been able to stay alive in each round. Now, it gets a bye to the final 8. Meanwhile, Donuts and Cannolis have to battle in this round...

  4. 4

    BRACKET 4: Lollipops managed to receive a bye at a number 11 seed. Now the two that are playing, met before and Waffles won the fight. Can French Fries win the rematch? Let's find out...

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