Fun Quiz!

by: Angelica_Rose

Hi my friends! Just another Random Quiz.

  1. 1

    Would you ever kiss the opposite gender for pleasure only?

  2. 2

    If a bum who has a bottle of liqour in his hands asked you for change, would you give it?

  3. 3

    Have you ever told your friend a lie that could Jeopardize their relationship with you?

  4. 4

    Have you ever stolen anything before?

  5. 5

    Do you consider yourself cool, hip,part of the "in" crowd?

  6. 6

    Do you hate on others?

  7. 7

    Have you ever scrapped/fight with someone?

  8. 8

    Have you ever broken a bone in your body?

  9. 9

    Have you ever been arrested?

  10. 10

    One Word: Night

  11. 11

    One Word: Bikini

  12. 12

    One WORD: Green

  13. 13

    If you were feet away from a grizzly bear, whats your reaction?

  14. 14

    Would you eat road kill?

  15. 15

    If I had sticker on my back thats read Kick Me, would you take it off?

  16. 16

    Do you think 2012 will be a very interesting year with society?

  17. 17

    Two words: Ghost Busters

  18. 18

    Your friends sibling is HOTT! They are into you too, whats your move?

  19. 19

    If you were involved in a crime and got questioned, would you snitch?

  20. 20

    Whats the worst that could happen if you got high?

  21. 21

    DO you think you will ever get married?

  22. 22

    Do you plan on having children in the future?

  23. 23

    Are the ancient pyramids really built by Aliens?

  24. 24

    If you had to choose out of these two, what would it be for the rest of your life?

  25. 25

    A man in a limo pulls up next to you and hands you an envolope. Then he leaves......

  26. 26

    ALright so I think this one sux what about you?

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