does he like me?

by: love__like__woe

so I guess the title is self explanatory

  1. 1

    he always stares at me and even if I catch him, he won't look away until I do

  2. 2

    he always scoots his chair over to mine in the computer lab during class and hes always touching my leg

  3. 3

    he tries to make me laugh

  4. 4

    he goes through my phone/emails... idk why

  5. 5

    he says I'm a good editor and I'm the nicest person ever(we work on the school paper)

  6. 6

    he always agrees with me even if I'm wrong he's still on my side

  7. 7

    he always asks me questions about myself

  8. 8

    even though we don't talk much outside of class, he considers me a good friend

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