For everyone who knows Monni(: (Monni_)

by: ExtraOrdaFuhckinAry

So if anyone else knows Monni please give them the link to this(:
Alright so our beautiful Quibblo queen can't get online and it makes her really sad and i thought it'd be nice if you guys messaged me with messages for Monni and I'll text them to her so she knows you guys still love her and are thinking about her :) please don't comment them on this quiz because I won't see them. So don't be shy! Even f you weren't that close it'd still mean a lot. go!

  1. 1

    Please be nice and no hate(:

  2. 2

    you don't really have to fill this out xD

Created by ExtraOrdaFuhckinAry

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15.01.2011, Alice in Wonderland strike, AU



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