Does He Like Me?

by: JACY

This guy at my school is pretty cute and i love talking to him. Even though i hate math i love going to the class just because hes there. He sits about three seats behind me but gets up just to talk to me or calls my name. We joke around alot to sometimes even slapping or poking but i kind of think its just a game. Plz help.

  1. 1

    Hes in my math class and sits pretty far away but always either gets up to talk to me or calls me over.

  2. 2

    We joke alot like kicking and poking

  3. 3

    Whenever we are with friends and they joke about him he laughs it off but when i do it he gets kind of quiet and looks at the ground

  4. 4

    When im at my locker he sometimes comes up to talk to me even when he needs something out of his own locker and the bell is about to ring

  5. 5

    We dont have eachothers numbers but he asks me questions like 'do you have a phone' or 'what kind of service/phone do you have'

  6. 6

    He likes to make fun of people wif glasses or braces (i have braces only 3 months till i get them off!!) but he doesnt make fun of me and doesnt no that im getting them off soon

  7. 7

    So do you think he likes me???

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