would u rather?

by: InvaderBeth
  1. 1

    would u rather wear kiss, joker, alice cooper, or dr rockso make up all the time

  2. 2

    would u rather wear clothes too small for the rest of ur life or too large for the rest of ur life?

  3. 3

    harry potter scar or joker scar?

  4. 4

    be blind or deaf

  5. 5

    have to make a youtube video everyday or have to make a quibblo quiz everyday?

  6. 6

    see in black and white or in infered or night vision

  7. 7

    have green or pink or blue hair that i can't dye a different color?

  8. 8

    dress like dr rockso for the rest of ur life or dress like ur from the band kiss for the rest of ur life

  9. 9

    eat a dog turd or eat one of mrs lubits meat pies (there made from human meat)

  10. 10

    speek only like starwars aliens or sound like Batman from the Dark Knight

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