Quibblo Choice Awards Nomination Vote (Very Important)

by: xXxluvhimxXx

Okay, so these are the nominations you guys choose for the Quibblo Choice Awards. I checked over the comments so everyone's nominations should be in there, but if they are not you have posted it somewhere where I havn't seen it (in a reply to another comment). If yours isn't there, I am truly sorry. By the way, There are no nominees for certain categories, or for 'Best Horror Story' there was only one nominee, so there is a winner. I will post the winners after a number of people have voted.

  1. 1

    Best Sequel:

  2. 2

    Best Author:

  3. 3

    Best Vampire Story:

  4. 4

    Best Werewolf Story:

  5. 5

    Best Draco Malfoy Story:

  6. 6

    Best Twilight Story:

  7. 7

    Best Love Story

  8. 8

    Best Fantasy Story:

  9. 9

    Best Profile Page:

  10. 10

    Best Username:

  11. 11

    Best Anime Story

  12. 12

    Best Justin Beiber Story:

  13. 13

    Best Story:

  14. 14

    Best Group Story:

  15. 15

    Best Harry Potter Story:

  16. 16

    Best Real Life Genre Story:

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