Does this guy Randell like me?!


Okay I like this guy Randell ALOT, and I am totally lost at wether or not he likes me. So HELP ME OUT! And its kind of set in a time line from how things worked out at first and how they progressed. So things may have changed over time. Just give me your opinion!

  1. 1

    He always gives me a hug when he see's me, the first little hugs though when he first met me. Did he like me then at least?

  2. 2

    He went out with my $!ut of a friend for a while. Does that mean he used me to get to her or just that he wanted a toy to fool around with for a bit?

  3. 3

    We talk alot and everytime I am around he always has a huge smile for me =D

  4. 4

    Okay so I am a total DORK! People always ask me if I am high because I act so weird and just kind of dumb (though i have never gotten high in my life!) so I....

  5. 5

    SO I went up to ask him if he liked aked girls that were just flat out dorks. He gave me one of his gorgoues smiles and asked, "why" I just told him I was a little curious and he said....

  6. 6

    "I like girls that act like dorks as friends mostly. But everyonce in a while theres a special one in there that gets my interest." Did I mention he was wearing his really cute flirtacous smile???

  7. 7

    Okay so then after that when he hugs me its really fun because he will like lift me up into the air :) Everytime i cant help but have a giggle fest though i am afraid I am going to break his back LOL

  8. 8

    Okay so i didnt want to get my hopes up for something that wouldnt happen so I decided to ask him if I had a chance with him ever. so I just went and straight told him...

  9. 9

    That i liked him alot and I was wondering if I had a chance with him ever because I didnt want to get my hopes up for something that was never going to happen and he said....

  10. 10

    That he had a girlfriend at the moment but maybe if he didnt i may have a shot. I was just like what kind of answer is that!(I didnt say that out loud) so do you think he likes me still?

  11. 11

    Please comment this with answers because I need some. And after taking this you cant just leave me in the cold and wondering!

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