Does he like me?? [please help!!!!] BOYS AND GIRLS

by: Fire_Nation_Killjoy

i have a huge crush on this guy and i reallywant to know if he likes me

  1. 1

    I catch him staring at me sometimes then we hold eye contact then we smile and giggle

  2. 2

    He calls me over long weekends to see if we had any homework (i'm not popular and he could have called an other girl or a boy)

  3. 3

    Each time we hold eye contact, it's always for at least 5 seconds

  4. 4

    Sometimes he's really outging around me and others he is shy around me

  5. 5

    He tells me to text him to remind him about stuff

  6. 6

    My teacher was moving seats and we sat next to eachother for about 2 minutes but he moved my desk closer and the other girl'sdesk away (the teacher saw we looked happy so she moved us)

  7. 7

    Overall do you think I have a chance with him?

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