does he like me as more than his best friend?? help

by: jonasbrotherfan96

ok so i wrote a realllyyy long explination of everything but i accidently deleted it and im mad but i will try to sum up by using the questiosn and answer things below too so the ones that are still explaining the situation just leave blank and answer the question about does he like me or not. thanks. alright i will start here. lets have his name be jake (this may or may not be his real name) alright so me and jake live in 2 diff towns but our school has 2 diff towns that go to it, its (below)

  1. 1

    its like (town one)-(town two) regional high school, so there are 2 towns, he lives in one and i live in the other but we met before high school cause he went to my elementarty school when he lived ..

  2. 2

    do you think "jake" likes me as more than a best friend?

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