Akatsuki....karaoke!?(humor) (read intro)

by: Xxsandsiblings4everxX

the akatsuki decided to do something fun for once....and tobi decided on karaoke with dancing....hehehhehe what's your reaction to the songs?

  1. 1

    tobi Is doing "macho man" by "the village people"

  2. 2

    Hidan is doing "sexy back" by "Justin "timberlake"

  3. 3

    zetsu sings and dances to the "Mackarena"

  4. 4

    orichimaru starts singing "Thriller" by "Michael Jackson"

  5. 5

    Kisame "who let the dogs out"

  6. 6

    Pein decides on the "sonic the hedge hog theme song"

  7. 7

    kakuzu does "best friend" by "toy box"

  8. 8

    konan Is singing (and head banging) to "cauldron of hate by cannibal corpse"

  9. 9

    deidara is doing barbie girl by aqua

  10. 10

    Sasori "Witch doctor"

  11. 11

    Itachi does Ima monster by blood on the dance floor

  12. 12

    who do you think did the best?

    Please select all that apply.

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