Would you rather... [Parasite Style] (short)

by: Special

If you don't know what the parasite is, look it up on Google. They aren't hard to find.

Would you rather..

  1. 1

    Live forever with tons of lice in your hair and biting your head or have thousands of bed bugs suck your blood away

  2. 2

    Be forced into a a container filled with leeches until you bleed out or have thousands of ticks crawl over you and suck your blood (you can never take them off, and they won't fall off.)

  3. 3

    Be infested with fleas for the rest of your life or have mites under every square inch of skin on your body

  4. 4

    Have a botfly lay maggets on your whole body (the maggest burrow in your skin.. so) or be forced to swallow 100 pork-tapeworms (they go to the stomach then the brain)

  5. 5

    Have a lungfluke lay 1000 egs inside your lungs (not pretty symptoms folks..) or have Leishmaniasis eat your flesh and skin away

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