how would you reack 18

by: TrueAlpha

would it be cool if you were able to controll a person like a DVD.example:you able to pause a person while talking,fast forwording your parents talking to you. also the last how would you reack should have been 17 not 16.rate comment and every one should try making funney quizes just to see whoose is better.and someone give me some ideas this is the 18th

  1. 1

    your mom trow the tv in the trash

  2. 2

    a gorilla just said to you got banana's

  3. 3

    an ugly person comes up to you and saids am lonly

  4. 4

    a homless guy comes up to you and said I'LL DRINK YA!!

  5. 5

    you find $100 on the floor

  6. 6

    some one trows a water melon at your dad

  7. 7

    you see your mom beating up a monkey

  8. 8

    some one took the last piece of cake

  9. 9

    candy comes to life

  10. 10

    your dad saids i shall swite you

  11. 11

    last question

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