how would you reack 16

by: TrueAlpha

rate comment give me idea's if possible add me if wanted and imagine if you can tell if a persons lieing and i'm also puting things that would be useful if you could be able to do that

  1. 1

    you wake up and see your dad naked

  2. 2

    your mom saids your a worth piece meat

  3. 3

    your siblin saids want to play stone war

  4. 4

    a fat guy droops from the shy in front of him

  5. 5

    your friends runs to you but drops face first(me:i mean at full speed, just picture that)

  6. 6

    you dad grabs your crouch

  7. 7

    a monkey just stole your money

  8. 8

    you hear you dad say well i want to fvck right on my child bed

  9. 9

    your siblin says boner

  10. 10

    a hourse takes a dump on your lawn

  11. 11

    last question

  12. 12

    am i cool?

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