how would you reack 16

by: TrueAlpha

just rate comment plz do it

  1. 1

    you friend ask how long is your p.e.n.i.s

  2. 2

    i guy saids how big is your crouch

  3. 3

    the nerd of the school said to you have pusscake

  4. 4

    your crush saids you want a piece of me

  5. 5

    a monkey drops from a try and danches on your head

  6. 6

    your teacher gets fired

  7. 7

    justin bieber saids hi

  8. 8

    a dog poops on your dads shoes

  9. 9

    you see your siblin run in to a walk

  10. 10

    a melon exploded

  11. 11

    last question

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