how would you reack 15

by: TrueAlpha

well this is 15 by the way i'm not going to delete so calm down but your most likely to make that quiz to see if you would be missed but i'm not going to delete any way rate comment

  1. 1

    a dragon comes out the shy and saids want a ride

  2. 2

    the gecko from geico come's up to you and saids i'm single

  3. 3

    a monkey pimp slaps you

  4. 4

    your mom goes up to you and saids boner

  5. 5

    the power cuts of in your neibor hood

  6. 6

    you walk in the bathroom to find your mom and dad doing it in the shower

  7. 7

    your mom tackle you and saids your to soft!!!

  8. 8

    you siblin changes the tv station when your watching

  9. 9

    your math teacher just tackled the science teacher

  10. 10

    your favorite band dies

  11. 11

    last question

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