how would you reack 14

by: TrueAlpha

i am going to try to make this one as random as possible (this one might not be as funny because well this is my 14th one it's hard to think of funny question for this long)

  1. 1

    the gost of your grandma appears in front of you

  2. 2

    a dinosaurs that's high comes up to you and saids who you looking at

  3. 3

    a vampires yells out dildou (i watched some of the last part of twilight eclipse it suked)

  4. 4

    a monky tells you to stop watching tv

  5. 5

    a tiger comes up to you it right in your face and it burps

  6. 6

    your favorite tv show comes to life

  7. 7

    a girl kisses you slaps you and runss away

  8. 8

    a lion comes up to you and saids am i scary

  9. 9

    your tv comes to life

  10. 10

    your mom hits you for no reason

  11. 11

    second to last question

  12. 12

    should i stop makeing how would you reack quizes

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