does he like me?

by: love__like__woe

so when i give u a scenario,you choose an answer.sounds simple right?it is.K, thanks!

  1. 1

    at break when im in line with my friend to buy a snack, no matter where hes at in line, he will pretend to talk to the person behind me and listen to what i am saying

  2. 2

    this girl that sits behind us (the teacher made him my assigned "buddy") says in a sing song tune"mariah likes trevor, trevor likes mariah".he never denies it he just says shut up 2 the girl behind us

  3. 3

    last year after school i was with 2 friends and we saw him with 1 of his friends and so my friend decided to shout "trevor,mariah likes u!" and then he just shouted back "okay!"

  4. 4

    he always "drops" his pencil and asks me 2 get it 4 him

  5. 5

    he asked me what my b-day was twice in the same week and then made sure he remembered it

  6. 6

    he always "forgets" his pencil and borrows one of mine

  7. 7

    hes super smart but he asks me to help him all the time, or he'll take my pencil,copy my answers and then gives it back 2 me

  8. 8

    in 2 out of 4 classes than i dont sit nxt 2 him ,i almost always find him looking @ me

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