What Do You Like In A Bar?

What Do You Like In A Bar?

by: Cici

I'm thinking about opening a bar, and I want to see what is important in a bar for all of you. On Some of the questions you can pick more than one answer... but please pick limit it to your favorite two answers. Please be honest, don't pick the politically correct answer if it's not the one that means the most to you.... and Thanks so much!!! - CiCi

  1. 1

    What Style Bar Do You Most Like To Attend?

    Please select all that apply.

  2. 2

    What is most important when choosing a bar to go to?

  3. 3

    Which good and bad would you rather have...

  4. 4

    Do you like theme bars (Karaoke, Country, Biker, Sports)

  5. 5

    How far would you drive on a weekend basis to go to a GREAT bar?

  6. 6

    How important is it to have promotions or theme nights? (Ladies Night, College Night, 80's Night etc)

  7. 7

    Would you still go to a bar if they didn't serve food?

  8. 8

    Do you think that there should be food/drink specials every night?

  9. 9

    Is it important to have lotteries in the bar? Such as Keno, Pull Tabs, etc

  10. 10

    Is is important for bars to have a game area? Pool, Pin Ball, Fooseball, etc

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