your reaction on some stuff

by: iRoos

so i'm gonna say some stuff
and you're gonna react
of your reaction isn't at it, chose other
and comment!

  1. 1

    a purple monkey blows up your school

  2. 2

    Johnny Depp killed Justin Bieber

  3. 3

    Harry Potter appears in front of you right now

  4. 4

    you get a ticket to a Ke$gha concert

  5. 5

    Darth Vader wants to kill you

  6. 6

    Santa forgot to give you a present

  7. 7

    Edward Cullen want to turn you into a vampire

  8. 8

    Spongebob knocks on your door

  9. 9

    George Bush says you're dumb

  10. 10

    i say this is the end of this quiz

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