how would you reack 28

how would you reack 28

by: TrueAlpha

it saids GOOGLE it fvcking every this is the 28th wow almost up to 30 its kind of is geting hard to do this just asking does anyone still like thease? i want you to be compleatly honest do you like em and rate&comment

  1. 1

    justin bieber gets hit by a brick

  2. 2

    a cat is humoing your leg

  3. 3

    you see your dad kick some one off a cliff and saids this is sparta!!!

  4. 4

    a stop sign falls on a moving car

  5. 5

    li wyne come up to you and saids hey man(me:no one should be asking who lil wyne is)

  6. 6

    a monkey is running around with a knife

  7. 7

    a little guys your age saids life is betiful(sp)

  8. 8

    your little siblin tears up you favorite book

  9. 9

    you see you mom playing with nunchuks

  10. 10

    your mom buys you a monster truk

  11. 11

    last question

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