the reack needs help READ INTROand reack 27

the reack needs help READ INTROand reack 27

by: TrueAlpha

we as most friends know i make the how would you reack quizes i have made alot of them i think 26 and i have seen the there has been not many people takeing them so as a friend i would like to try to speam around the laugh's and smiles :D pick any how would you reack quiz and post it on anouther one's profile or quiz just to spead the laugh's it's a request from one friend to another

  1. 1

    did you read the intro

  2. 2

    will you spead it around?

  3. 3

    a poler bear drops from the sky in front of you

  4. 4

    a gorrila busts though your wall

  5. 5

    chuck noris comes out of no where and punches you dad

  6. 6

    a guy with a bat yells you want to fight

  7. 7

    a guy comes up to you and saids whip it out

  8. 8

    a guy comes up to you ands yells VAGINA!!!

  9. 9

    your mom and dad are fight(me:talk fight or fist fight your chioce :D)

  10. 10

    theres no question number 10(me:what a twist =O)

  11. 11

    last question

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