how would you reack 25

by: TrueAlpha

well 25th.well give me ideas if possible rate comment tell friends,post on link to other quiz to spead the laughing and smiles.whould it be cool if you could control anything

  1. 1

    some random guy comes up to you and saids teast the rainbow

  2. 2

    a sails men saids buy a hunda...dick

  3. 3

    some pne trows a pie at your mom

  4. 4

    some guy kicks you in your face

  5. 5

    you see a guy get smacked with a drum stick in the face on tv

  6. 6

    (me:time to get random)a monkey takes a dump on your bed

  7. 7

    a guy in a gorrila costom comes up to you and saids you think i look good

  8. 8

    your mom slaps you in the face with a fish

  9. 9

    your little siblin jumps on your back

  10. 10

    your mom yells ass crack!!

  11. 11

    last question

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