how would you reack 24

by: TrueAlpha

would it be cool if you were able to uppercut any one you my new profile looks kick ass if you like naruto

  1. 1

    some one comes up to you and yell were all going to die!!

  2. 2

    you see your dad fall of your roof

  3. 3

    some guy comes up to you and saids how would you like to suk my balls?

  4. 4

    a monkey picks you up

  5. 5

    someone trows a melon at you

  6. 6

    (me:time to get random)your best friend stick lite fire works in his/her pant

  7. 7

    you see a panda with a gun in his hand

  8. 8

    a cow drops from the sky into your worst enmys house

  9. 9

    a fish jumps out of water and hits you right in the face

  10. 10

    your siblin is on top of you on your bed

  11. 11

    last question

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