how would you reack

by: TrueAlpha

how would you reackt to the wird things

  1. 1

    someone calls you monkey bones

  2. 2

    your friend calls you fruit pie

  3. 3

    your in the store and some one yells WOW THATS A LOW PRICE!!!

  4. 4

    your friend farts in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend (i mean one of those farts that you can hear and smell)

  5. 5

    you find your mom and dad doin it (if you only have one parent then with a person you dont even know)

  6. 6

    you find a dead dog in your path

  7. 7

    a guy asks if you want to come to his house

  8. 8

    some one takes the last of your favorite snack

  9. 9

    you find a racoon in your tree

  10. 10

    the last question

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