Untitled Poem xD Plz Comment ( About Eating Disorder)

Untitled Poem xD Plz Comment ( About Eating Disorder)

by: XIts_All_Alex_BabyXD | View Questions

Looking In The Mirror...
What Do You See?
Strange,Quiet Girl,She Resembles Me
Light Complexion,Dark Hair
She Gets Disgusted By Getting Closer
Ribs poking out Thats Reality
What She Only See's Is ugly
Killing Herself Slowly, unknowingly
Illness Overcomes Her True Beauty
Till She Drops Dead,She'll Kno What Shes Become
Foods A Struggle Dialy ,Its a Love/Hate Thing
In The Mirror She Sees Double
Shes Become Delicately Fragile
Weak Upon Societys Outlook

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