co-ed sleep over! oh-no! (grls only)

by: fuzzyiceing

your friends parents are out of town and they invite you to spend the night. but when you get there, you u find out that its co-ed! what will u do?!?!?!?!

  1. 1

    you walk in the room to find a room full of boys! what is ur 1st reaction

  2. 2

    they made you stay, and every one starts playing truth or dare. u its ur turn, you pik truth! a hot guy askes you if youve ever made out naked w/ a grl. ( you have, but ur strait) do u tell the truth?

  3. 3

    u pick dare! some guy dares you to get naked w/ sandy, (a grl at the party) anad let her lick ur p*ssy . sandy seens fine with it, and starts undressing, you...

  4. 4

    u were dared to stay naked the rest of the party, and some guy starts rubbing ur p*ssy. u...

  5. 5

    you fall asleep and wake up to find 3 guys fingerin ya. u....

  6. 6

    u go 2 da bathroom and pull down ur pants then 2 guys jump out from behind the shower curtan. one guy holds u down and the other starts undressing you. u...

  7. 7

    ur friend says to partner up for make-out time but theres a shortage of guys, and u and some other girl are the only 2 left, but ur friend says u HAVE to make out with some one, u...

  8. 8

    b4 u leave to go home, u...

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