Was this a jerk move or not??

by: _Pyramid_

Ok so one of my friends kinda who is a guy made up this rumer that i lyked his best friend but i don't and it all started when i said he had a bromance with the rumered crush and he was lyk u lyk the rumered crush and i was lyk no and so he was lyk i am going to tell everyone so i was walking with him in the halway telling him i didn't and then he screamed that i lyked him but i don't....

  1. 1

    then he put in on facebook and was lyk Brianna lyks (rumered crush)..spread the word!!

  2. 2

    Do u think that was a jerk move????

  3. 3

    Will u comment to give me advice on wat to do or how to get back at him???

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